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If you’re using a VPN or are required to provide your public IP address to access networks, databases, or applications, the ability to find and provide your current IP address is essential. However, in today's world, it's not uncommon to access the web from multiple locations: The office, home, or the local coffee shop.

Nothing is more frustrating than breaking your workflow because of a missing IP address. So, We created ipNotebook as a solution to this problem by giving you the ability to find your IP address and save it for later reference.


  • Ability to find your IP address without saving it to system.
  • Save your current IP address by authenticating with your existing
  • Google Account.
  • Name your IP address for easy reference.
  • View the last date accessed.
  • View the number of times you’ve accessed an IP address.
  • Remove an IP address from your system.


Sign up is simple... just authenticate your account with your existing Google or Yahoo! ID. That's it.

No lengthy registration or email verification... just one (or two) clicks and you're in.

After you've authenticated, you can modify your contact information by clicking on the edit info link at the bottom of the page.

The Interface

We've designed ipNotebook.net's interface to be as simple as possible and to handle as much information on one page.

The Interface Explained
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to save your ip history.

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Saving Your IP Address to IP NoteBook

No registration is required to save an ip address to IP Notebook, just a quick authentication with your Google or Yahoo! account.

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