Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are an easy way to access and find your IP Address directly from your browser
with a single Click.

We're busy creating and adding new extensions all the time.
So, check back soon to see if we have one for your
favorite browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Our Firefox Extension adds an IP Address icon and link to
your Add On bar in Firefox. Click the image below to install from the Mozilla Addon Library.

Mozilla Firefox IP Address Finder Extension

Google Chrome:

The links below guide you to the Google Chrome Webstore. From there you can install the Google Chrome Web App & Extensions.

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Google Chrome IP Address Browser Extension

Google Chrome IP Address Finder Browser App

Opera Extension

Download the Opera extension for easy access
to your IP Address.

IP Notebook Opera Extension

Apple Safari:


  1. Click the button below to install the
    ipaddress.safariextz extension file.
  2. Open your "downloads" dropdown in safari.
  3. Double-click on the ipaddress.safariextz icon.
  4. Click "install" in the safari dialog box.

Apple Safari IP Address Finder Browser Extension

Internet Explorer:

Coming Soon...

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